General Information : The Labrador Retriever is a strongly built, very active dog. They are wide over the loins with strong and muscular hindquarters. They have smooth, thick fur all over which can be yellow, black or chocolate colored. Black used to be the favorite among fanciers, but now yellow has taken on this role. Labs have medium length drop ears and a brown or black nose. Labrador Retrievers are easy to train and are good with children and other dogs. The Labrador Retriever is good natured, loyal and hardworking. Labrador Retrievers are employed as guide dogs and sniffer dogs, detecting drugs and explosives. They are very intelligent animals, able to pick things up quickly. The Labrador retriever should never be aggressive, they are good tempered and very agile and make a devoted companion who has a strong will to please. Enthusiastic tail-waggers, the Labrador

Temperament : Labrador Retrievers are responsive, friendly, non-aggressive, and intelligent. They have excellent scenting abilities, able to pick out the slightest detection of explosive substances. They are outgoing, eager to please, and enjoyable. The Labrador Retriever's temperament makes it one of the most popular dogs in America. They are docile, playful and have an all-around pleasing demeanor. They are alert, but are too friendly for guarding. They love the water and love to carry things in their mouths.

Care and Training : Labrador Retrievers need plenty of exercise and should not be kept in a locked space. Minimum light brushing of the Labrador Retriever's coat every once in a while will keep it in great shape. Labrador Retrievers needs daily contact. The Labrador Retriever also loves vigorous exercise including swimming. Labrador Retriever puppies are easy to raise and train and should be introduced to people at an early age. Beware of overfeeding your Labrador Retriever as it is easy for them to become lazy and obese
"We believe that good blood will yield good breed"

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